Project description

Radiotherapy is one of the main therapeutic modalities for the treatment of cancer, more than 50% of the oncological patients being treated with this form of therapy. The advertised position is associated with a project aiming at developing an in silico testbed for the simulation of the outcome of radiotherapy using photons, protons or heavier ions that would allow the investigation of the influence of various biological and physical factors on the tumour response.

More specifically it will aim at developing in silico tumours with respect to the tumour microenviroment, intrinsic radiosensitivity and density of clonogenic cells, integrating the simulated in silico tumours into a research version of a treatment planning system and simulate the effect of photon, proton and ion radiotherapy and determiing the relative clinical effectiveness of protons and heavier ions than protons and identify the key factors influencing the treatment outcome.

Main responsibilities

The position involves research and developent of the computational framework  for creating an in silico testbed for radiotherapy based on a virtual tumour model that would account for the main tumour microenvironmental features known to be related to the outcome of radiotherapy integrated into a treatment planning and optimisation system.


Ref. No. SU FV-1136-21

Closing date: 30 April 2021

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