Main responsibilities

The position involves teaching, research, supervision and administration of education.

Qualification requirements

In order to qualify for the position as associate professor, the applicant must have demonstrated good teaching skills and have a doctoral degree, or equivalent research expertise, of relevance to the subject area and the main responsibilities of the position.

For the employment a degree in Medical Radiation Physics or professional qualification as hospital physicist or similar is required.

All teaching positions at Stockholm University require the ability to collaborate and the general ability and suitability to perform one’s duties.

Assessment criteria

In the appointment process, special and equal attention will be given to teaching and research skills. The assessment of research skills will focus primarily on merits within the subject area of the position.

The following will also be considered:

  • experience of teaching in non clinical medical radiation physics
  • skills in administration of education SU FV-1743-20

Sista ansökningsdag: 2020-08-12

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