Please contact one of the senior members if you are interested in carrying out a Bachelor or a Master degree project in our group.


DESIREE releted projects:

Examples of previous degree projects:

  • Studies of fullerenes in DESIREE.
  • Spontaneous decay of molecular anions.
  • Modelling electronic and vibrational excitations in PAHs, HPAHs, and fullerenes.
  • Monte Carlo simulations of charge exchange processes in keV ion-PAH collisions.
  • Classical over-the-barrier model for ionization of poly-cyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in keV collisions with atomic ions.
  • Fragmentation studies of complex molecular ions.
  • Collisions between singly charged PAH molecules and neutral atoms.


Henrik Cederquist
Henning Schmidt
Henning Zettergren
Sven Mannervik
Mark Stockett


ANTIMATTER related projects

There are always opportunities to do a project on simulations of various processes in antihydrogen experiments. Some numerical and programming skills are necessary. Read here, and contact Svante Jonsell for further details.


Projects in Computational Atomic Physics

Do you want to follow the electron  dynamics on the attosecond time scale? Or work with many-body methods to understand various quantum systems: heavy elements, fragile excited states  or man-made artificial atoms? We can offer several types of programming and simulation projects connected to today's experimental questions.

Contact Eva Lindroth


Projects in quantum molecular dynamics

Are you interested in performing theoretical calculations and study the quantum nature of molecular scattering processes? We study reactions that can be measured in experiments such as DESIREE and the projects include running quantum chemistry program packages, programming and developing methods for theoretical descriptions of reactive scattering processes.

Contact Åsa Larson