One way to look for particle dark matter is by detectors placed in deep underground mines, an approach dubbed direct detection. We are involved in the XENON programme as well as preparations for the next-to-next generation noble gas detector DARWIN . We are closely working together with colleagues at Chalmers in Gothenburg (Riccardo Catena, Christian Forssen) on phenomenological aspects of direct detection in the context of the Swedish Dark Matter Direct Detection Consortium (SweDCube).

Another approach is called indirect detection of particle dark matter with gamma rays using the satellite Fermi Large Area Telescope (LAT) as well as the Imaging Air Cherenkov Telescope H.E.S.S.. We are also involved in preparations for the next generation Air Cherenkov Telescope Array CTA . Finally, we work on a statistical inference tool that will allow to combine these results also in the context of collider searches GAMBIT.