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Schedule changes for Physics courses

The courses that are offered a given period are decided a long time in advance. Sometimes changes may occur after registration is open. The courses may be given another period or a new course may not be ready in time to be included in the central admission. Information about this is then published below.

Study physics at Stockholm University

The Department of Physics at Stockholm University offers inspiring and interesting Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes, PhD programmes with ample opportunities for front line research, and courses for the general public. Courses up to the Bachelor’s level are taught almost exclusively in Swedish, while courses on the Master’s level are given in English.

The number of students at the department is around 250 on undergraduate level, and around 90 on graduate level.

Stockholm is safe

Is Stockholm safe to live in?

Stockholm is the safest city in Europe and the fourth safest capital in the world. This is according to the The safe Cities Index 2015 report published by The Economist in 2016.

Sara Strandberg

Gender equality at the Department of Physics

Gender equality is pursued actively at the Department in order to guarantee a good workplace climate for both women and men. The Equal Conditions Committee has published a new Equal Conditions Plan.


Student Office

Gorica Nikolic

Gorica Nikolic
Head of Student Office

Room: in corridor B4.

Opening hours:
usually Mon-Fri 10.00-11.30, 13.00-15.00
Tel: 08 5537 8650
Fax: 08 5537 8464

Academic Advisors

Camilla Alm

Camilla Alm

Room in corridor B4 next to the student office.
Phone hours (during term):
Monday 10.00-10.30, Wednesday 12.00-12.30
Office hours (during term):
Monday 10.30-12.00, Wednesday 12.30-14.00
We try to answer the phone also during office hours, but visitors have priority.
Tel: 08 5537 8652