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Student Office

Gorica Nikolic

Gorica Nikolic
Head of Student Office

Room: in corridor B4.

Opening hours:
Presently the student office is only occasionally staffed. Gorica can be contacted through email or phone. Teachers and students can make an appointment with her if needed.
Phone: 08 5537 8650

Academic Advisor

Sara Malva Lindborg

The academic advisor service is now available via video. It is open between 12:00 and 13:30 every Wednesday until further notice. When you join the meeting you end up in a waiting room. You are then admitted to a personal video meeting with the academic advisor one person at a time.
Click on the link:

Room in corridor B4 next to the student office.

Phone hours (during term):
Monday 10.00-10.30, Wednesday 11.30-12.00

Phone: 08 5537 8652