All courses are not given every academic year

On our graphical overview you can see if the course you are looking for is given during the current academic year. You can also have a look on the course fact sheet for the course, where information is given about when the course is scheduled to be given. You could also turn to the Student Office and ask for information.

The course could be external

Some of our courses are given in cooperation with other departments and universities. If such a course is administrated by the external partner, then we don´t have the schedule available on our web site. In this case, the course fact sheet should give you information about where you can find the schedule.

The link could be wrong

If the explanations above do not seem to apply, then you can send an e-mail to We will then investigate the reason for the missing or bad link. We appreciate if you then could tell us what schedule you are looking for, and on which web page you found any non-working link.