Doctoral studies

Doctoral studies at the Department of Physics

After four years of undergraduate studies (240 credits in Sweden) it is possible to start doctoral studies in order to obtain a Licentiate degree after 2-3 years and, after fulfilling the requirements of that degree, continue towards a PhD exam after totally 4-5 years.

Information for PhD students

Information for Research Students

We have collected important information for PhD students in this page.

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Moving to Sweden as a PhD student

Arriving in a new country and starting your studies can be very exciting, but there are also a lot of practical things to consider. PhD students at Stockholm University are both students and university employees at the same time. Here we give some information that may be helpful if you are in this situation.


Student Office

Gorica Nikolic

Gorica Nikolic
Head of Student Office

Room: in corridor B4.

Opening hours:
usually Mon-Fri 10.00-11.30, 13.00-15.00
Tel: 08 5537 8650
Fax: 08 5537 8464

Academic Advisors

Monica Olofsson

Monica Olofsson

Room in corridor B4 next to the student office.
Phone hours (during term):
Monday 10.00-10.30, Wednesday 11.30-12.00
Office hours (during term):
Monday 10.30-12.00, Wednesday 12.00-13.30
We try to answer the phone also during office hours, but visitors have priority.
Tel: 08 5537 8652

Director of Postgraduate Studies

Per-Erik Tegnér

Per-Erik Tegnér

Tel: 08 5537 8682

PhD Council