The PhD council consists of all enrolled PhD students at Fysikum and is our democratic channel for making our voices heard within the department.

Annually (in the spring), the PhD council elects a PhD-council board, which is responsible for the coordination of the representation of PhD students in the department as well as the exchange of useful information and the organization of social and educational activities.

In the same meeting, the PhD-student representatives for all committees within the department are elected. These representatives are responsible for attending committee meetings to provide a PhD-student perspective, and for reporting important information to the PhD council board.

In many cases the representative work is compensated with “prolongation” days to your PhD contract; i.e. representative work will simply make your employment slightly longer, rather than taking up your dedicated research time.

What is the role of the PhD Council?

The PhD-council board has the task of coordinating the representation of PhD students at the department, this means; the organization of elections of representatives in the various committees at Fysikum, upholding contact with all representatives, making sure that the interests of the PhD-students are represented, informing all PhD-students on relevant issues (such as changes in regulations, important events etc).

To fulfill these tasks the PhD council board convenes once every month and can assign smaller working groups to work on specific issues if necessary. The Fysikum board and each advisory committee has as at least one PhD-representative which means that we have the opportunity to directly affect major and minor decisions at Fysikum.

Additionally, the PhD-council board has also taken on the task of organizing social and educational activities for PhD students.

How often does the PhD Council meet?

The complete council (i.e. all PhD students) convenes in full two times per year: once in the spring to elect new representatives in the department, and once in the fall to nominate representatives to the faculty level boards.

These meetings are an excellent opportunity to distribute critical information and should therefore be attended by as many PhD students as possible!


You can contact the board representative from your own (or any other) division if you need help to find information or want to raise any issue or topic to the council's attention: Perhaps you have an idea for how to improve the current PhD courses, or maybe you need help to deal with a difficult situation where the rules are not currently clear? - We will help you out.

(Contact information for all SU employes is available at

The board convenes on a monthly basis, with agendas and protocols available to everyone on Fysikum’s internal website: *link*

Board representatives

Between the spring and fall meetings the council is represented by a board of elected representatives from all of Fysikum’s seven research divisions:

Astroparticle and Elementary Particle Physics (ELPA)

Atomic Physics (Atom)

Chemical Physics (Chem)

Condensed Matter and Quantum Optics (KOMKO)

Cosmology, particle Astrophysics and Strings (CoPS)

Instrumentation Physics (Instrument)

Medical Radiation Physics (MSF)

The current representatives (academic year 2019-2020) are:

Chair: Kajsa-My Blomdahl (Atom)

Vice-chair: Jorge Laraña Aragón (COPS)

Cashier: Natalie Wilson (KOMKO)

Revisor: Johan Sörngård (Atom)

Revisor: Filip Backman (ELPA)

Regular members        Substitutes

Tomas Palmqvist (MSF)

Naemi Florin (KOMKO)

Gustav Eklund (Atom)      

Natalie Wilson (KOMKO)

David Degerman (Chem)

Jorge Laraña Aragón (COPS)

Kunal Deoskar (ELPA)    

Cody Sterling (Chem)

Filip Backman (ELPA)

Kajsa-My Blomdahl (Atom)   Anton Ljungdahl (Atom)