In order to verify that 50% of the requirements for a PhD exam has been obtainded, all PhD students must write and defend a licentiate thesis after approximately two years of full-time studies.

The licentiate thesis is presented, discussed and graded at a seminar. Important documents, see below.

Six months before the seminar

Six months before the sudent is at half-time (two years full-time stidues) the director of studies or the subject responsible arranges a meeting with the student and the supervisor. At the meeting one discusses the contents of the licentiate thesis, how much and what type of work remains to be done and what the plan to achieve this includes. Also discussed are the practical details regarding the examination, dead-lines etc. The intention is that after this meeting there should be a clear plan for what remains to be done, and when, for the student to be able to present a licentiate thesis. Normally one also decides a preliminary date for the seminar at this meeting.

At least 6 weeks before the seminar

the supervisor hands in the application-form for the licentiate-exam to the subject responsible. In the application the supervisor proposes an expert examiner, who also acts as opponent at the seminar, and an official reader ("granskare"), as well as time and place for the seminar. The expert as well as the official reader should have a doctoral degree and must not have published together with the respondent or supervisor (within the thesis specific area) over the past five years.

The application form can be obtained here:

Application form (pdf) (35 Kb)

At the same time a preliminary version of the thesis should be given to the subject responsible and the official reader ("granskare") that he appoints.

At least 4 weeks before the seminar

the official reader provides feed-back to the student and supervisor of what, if anything, needs to be improved/changed before the final version of the thesis is made. At that time the official reader gives a written evaluation to the subject responsible. This evaluation should contain a recommendation as to wether the student should be allowed to present the thesis at the planned date, or if more work is needed before that.
After confering with the official reader the subject responsible decides wether the student can present the thesis at the planned date, or if more work is needed. In case it is decided that the thesis needs to be revised the subject responsible, in agreement with the student and the supervisor, decides on a new preliminary date for the seminar. No later than five weeks before that date the student has to deliver a revised version of the thesis to the official reader. Within one week the reader gives a written recommendation to the subject responsible as to wether that version can be presented at the seminar or not.

At least 3 weeks before the seminar

When the subject responsible has approved that the thesis is presented, and fixed the date for the seminar definitely the student should distribute the final version of the thesis to the opponent, the official reader and the subject responsible no later than three weeks before that date. At the same time the announcement sheet ("spikblad") and 16 copies (one of which has to be printed single-sided) of the thesis is handed in to Isa Callderyd Öhman by the respondent. Isa announces the seminar on our website and on the digital billboard at the entrance. Isa distributes the thesis to other departments of the mathematics-physics section and to departments at other universities.

The supervisor/respondent is responsible for that the opponent, the reader and the examiner are called to the seminar and that they receive a printed copy each of the thesis.  
The abstract/summary of the thesis shall be put in to the DiVA system at least three weeks before the seminar. See also "after the seminar" below.

The seminar can take place in the time period August 15th to June 15th only. The period June 16th - August 14th cannot be part of the three week announcement period (see below).

N.B: All licentiate theses are checked with a plagiarism tool to verify that there are not parts that are copied from other reports.

A template for the announcement sheet is available on the internal home page, see below. This is a proposal, but all the information specified in the proposal is mandatory.

The seminar

The standard procedure at the licentiate seminar is as follows:
The examiner, the opponent and the official reader are present.The supervisor is acting chairperson at the seminar. The seminar is public.

The respondent presents her/his thesis, 30 – 40 minutes. Thereafter the opponent examines the thesis through questions and discussion with the respondent, 30 – 40 minutes.  This is followed by questions from other participants at the seminar.

Grading (pass or non-pass) is done immediately after the seminar. The examiner decides on the grade after hearing the supervisor, the opponent and the official reader. The decision protocol is brought to the meeting by the examiner. The signed protocol is delivered by the supervisor to the student office at the department for registration in Ladok.

After the seminar

The respondent is responsible for registering and uploading the approved thesis in the Stockholm University publication database DiVA, under “licentiate theses”. This is not mandatory.

When the seminar and the required courses are registered in Ladok the respondent may apply for the Licentiate Degree. The form is found at Application for a degree certificate. Observe that the date of the degree will be identical to the application date (and e.g. not to the date of the seminar).

Financial condtions

One should strive to find a local opponent when the licentiate thesis is presented. In cases where an external opponent is engaged the research project or the research division carries the travel- and lodging costs of the opponent. In cases when the project-leader decides to remunerate the opponent the remuneration should (according to Stockholm University regulations) be one or two "professorstimmar".


Application form (pdf) (35 Kb)
Template for announcement sheet (PDF) (72 Kb)
Template for announcement sheet (DOC) (66 Kb)
Template for title page (65 Kb)