As an exchange student, you can find a wide selection of courses taught in English. This includes all courses at the advanced level given within our Master’s programmes, as well as the third-year courses in our Bachelor programme.

Many courses on advanced level are reflecting the research areas we have at Fysikum and the teachers are closely involved in the research projects. We have seven research divisions at Fysikum: Atomic Physics, Chemical Physics, Condensed Matter and Quantum Optics, Cosmology, Particle Astrophysics and Strings, Elementary Particle Physics, Instrumentation physics and Medical Radiation Physics. Some courses at the Department of Astronomy, also located at Albanova university center. Not too far from Albanova is the Department of Mathematics where you can find complementary courses..

Who is eligible for exchange studies?

In order for you to pursue exchange studies with us, you must be a student at one of our partner universities. Students outside Europe will most often come through one of the university-wide agreements of Stockholm University. European students instead can make use of departmental agreements. The application procedure is different for the two types of agreements, so please contact the international coordinator at your home  university to learn more. You can also write to our international coordinator if you want to know if there is an agreement with your university.

How do I become an exchange student?

In order for you to become an exchange student, you first need to be nominated by your home university. Therefore, you should begin by contacting your local exchange office and ask about the procedure. Part of the application process includes selecting courses to study at Stockholm University. Courses available  at the Department of Physics can be found at the page: Course information. Please notice that some courses are not given every year. If you want to make sure whether a certain course is given, please contact our international coordinator before submitting your application. Although you are welcome to choose from nearly all our courses given in English, please note that you need to meet the requirements for each course in order to be accepted.
The choice of courses cannot always be guaranteed, although every effort will be made to give students the courses they have chosen. If in advance courses are cancelled or you do not meet the requirements, you will be contacted by our international coordinator. Stockholm  University cannot be held responsible for cancelled courses or students not being accepted to courses due to classes being full or students not meeting the academic requirements.
If you are coming via a departmental agreement, the final application should be sent directly to us at the Department of Physics. The exact deadline will change each year, but as a rule these dates apply:

  • Students starting in the autumn semester need to apply by May 1.
  • Students starting in the spring semester need to apply by October 1.

Detailed information about the application process will be sent to you once you are nominated by your home university.


As an exchange student you have the possibility to apply for student housing. Unfortunately we are not able to guarantee accommodation for all incoming students. More information about housing can be found via the Housing office.


Information from Stockholm University's International Office

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