In contrast to our other courses a degree project may be commenced at any time during the academic year. Before you start you need to register, like for any other course. This is handled at the Student Office, upon receipt of a signed contract. More information can be found on the instructions page.

The responsibility for finding a project and a supervisor lies primarily with the student. This is usually a good opportunity to study some topic more in depth.

To help you navigate through the administrative procedures of the project we have developed a checklist:

Checklist for Master's thesis (pdf) (33 Kb)

Links to the syllabi for degree projects

For a Master in Physics the degree project can be of 30, 45 or 60 credits (FK9001, FK9002 or FK9003).  Different projects may require different times for your work. If you do a shorter project, you include more optional courses in your degree. If you want to discuss what would suit you best, contact the coordinator for your programme.

Physics, degree project, 30 credits - FK9001
Course plan FK9001 (pdf) (231 Kb)

Physics, degree project, 45 credits - FK9002
Course plan FK9002 (pdf) (231 Kb)

Physics, degree project, 60 credits - FK9003
Course plan FK9003 (pdf) (231 Kb)

For more information, see the instructions.

Responsible for degree projects

Svante Jonsell
Tel. 08 - 5537 8625