Finding accommodation in Stockholm can be challenging, and may well prove to be the most difficult part of your studies. However, if you start looking in good time, it is usually possible to find something. Unfortunately we are unable to provide assistance with this from the department. There is student housing, but the queue for this is quite long. More information and hints for places to look are available on Stockholm University's page on student housing.

Student computer account

All students at Stockholm University are automatically given a student account, which gives you access to the Stockholm University network. This account is linked to a number of services, such as printing, seeing your grades and obtaining a transcript of records. More information about this account and how to activate it are available at Stockholm University's page on IT for students.

Personal identity number

Your key to most things in Sweden is your personal identity number ("personnummer"). If you will stay in Sweden for more than one year, you will get this number from the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket). We strongly urge you to apply as quickly as possible, as having this number makes most things much easier. For more information, see Stockholm University's page on getting a Swedish personal identity number.

Bank account

It can be tricky to get a Swedish bank account as a student, since many offices will ask for proof of income. However, there is an agreement with the bank SEB which should allow you to get an account if you wish. More information is available on Stockholm University's page on getting a Swedish bank account. The process is much easier if you have a Swedish civic registration number. We recommend visiting the SEB office on Odengatan 28, as they are more used to dealing with international students.


All students are automatically covered by a personal injury insurance from the university. The insurance applies in Sweden during school hours and during travel to and from the location where school hours are spent. Note that in order for the insurance to be valid, you must be registered for each course you are attending! In addition to this insurance, we recommend that you also take out private insurance against costs through other extraordinary events. The most common of these is home insurance. More information on which types of insurance you may need is avaiable on Stockholm University's page on insurance for students.

Mobile phone

Calling within Sweden is usually cheapest with a local phone number, but this may depend on where you come from and which operator you currently have. There are a number of different mobile phone operators and price plans to choose from. However, many of these require that you have a Swedish civic registration number. If you quickly wish to get a Swedish phone number, we therefore recommend that you purchase a pre-paid card. Such cards are easily available in most convenience stores. Again, there are a number of different operators and pricing schemes available, so it may pay to shop around. If you later wish to change to another price plan, it is usually possible to keep the same phone number.


More information is found on Stockholm University's pages with information for admitted students.