Information about the central services like wireless network etc. is found on the web pages about getting access to IT services, university account and university card. Some of the more important services are briefly presented below, together with local information concerning computers and printing at Fysikum, the Department of Physics.

University account

Among the first things you should do as a new student is to activate your university account. It is the key to most of the IT services at the university. Read more about activation of the university account here.

My university

Through My university you manage most of the administration of your studies. Here you can register for the courses you take, see your results and apply for a diploma degree. You can also, among other things, set the e-mail address that you want to connect to your university account.


Stockholm University uses a learning management system called Mondo. This means that some courses use Mondo for distributing course material and other information related to the course. At the Department of Physics we also use Mondo for giving information to and keeping contact with all physics students.

Mondo will be replaced by a new system called Athena, but the time when this will happen is not set.


Fysikum has no computer rooms, so teaching including the use of computers is done in the ordinary lecture rooms using computers owned by the students or laptops provided by Fysikum. If you have not got a computer of your own but need one for your studies outside the scheduled teaching events, then there is a possibility to borrow one. Borrowing is done through the Student Office, and the computer should be returned when the course is finished.

In the student area on level 6 in the former library (with entrance from the Rotunda) there are also four desktop computers avaliable. Students log in with the same credentials as for the university account. Information about activating the account is found above. Files created on the computer can be saved on your personal home directory at Stockholm University. When you are logged in, your personal home directory is found as unit Z:\. Temporary files can also be saved on unit D:\.

If you want to print using the Stockholm University Printomat system, then you need to activate the print service for your login by clicking on the Printomat icon that you find on the start page when you log in.


In the student area on level 6 in the former library there is a printer that belongs to the Stockholm University Printomat system. Information about how to charge your university account for buying printouts is found at My printouts.

Computer programs

A number of computer programs are free for students at Stockholm University. For information about what programs are available and how to get them, see My university. If programs not found there are needed for certain courses, they will be provided for the use in the course by the course responsible person.