More than 40 qualitative and quantitative indicators have been used for ranking 50 cities in the world, taking into account digital security, health security, infrastructure safety, and personal safety. According to the report, Stockholm is the safest city in Europe, before Amsterdam and Zurich. The top position worldwide is occupied by Tokyo, but Stockholm is only down to the 4th place after Singapore, and Osaka.

Although the size of a city seems to play certainly a role in the ability to keep it a safe place, is by far not the only criteria. Indeed Tokyo gives home to 13.3 million people but earned the first position, also thanks to its very high digital security. Stockholm is doing well in all aspects, ranking 7th for digital security, 10th for health security, and 4th for personal safety. It is the only non-Asian city to rank in the top five in personal safety.

Here you find the report by The Economist.