Research in physics spans a wide range of topics from very tiny constituents of the universe like atoms, to big complex structures like galaxies. Each field of research has its own concepts, tools, and methods. 
We will leverage our knowledge from classrooms and textbooks to read “news and views” on highlighted research projects at the cutting edge of research. We will choose an article to discuss every week,  from an easily accessible source, keeping in mind the diversity of theoretical, experimental and numerical work  that is a part of physics research work nowadays. In discussing these articles, we will try to discuss the big picture, rather than technical details. The format will be very informal and open-ended discussions are welcome!

We hope these meetings will help all of us to broaden our view of physics, to find out what we are interested in and motivate us to do some research ourselves!

Students at Fysikum are welcome to bring your lunch and meet us to discuss cutting edge physics.

Every week we publish an event with a description and a link to the article/text discussed. You find all events in the calendar:


Time: Wednesdays, 12:30-13:00
Place: FP41 (Next to the bus stop).
Bring your lunch and hope to see you all there! 
Organization: Supriya Krishnamurthy and Iman Mahyaeh


More details: More information on coming and previos lunch meetings can be found on the webpage: