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The course, which is mandatory for PhD students starting after 1 January 2018, consists of five separate sections:

Introduction to the department and PhD studies in physics

The first part of the course aims at giving a general introduction to the department, and to some extent Stockholm University. The students will be given a glimpse of the history of the department, an overview of how we are organised and what the administrative routines most pertinent to PhD students are. Also the formal aspects of the education leading to a PhD and what steps the student must take to get there will be covered.

Ethics in research

is the new format of the course on research ethics which is common to all the departments in the faculty section. Compared to the previous version the course now is slightly expanded with two half-days of lectures and a series of group exercises leading to a written report.

Academic Writing

consists of two full-day workshops and a writing exercise with individual feedback. The course is designed and taught by associate professor Beyza Björkman, at the Centre for Academic English, Department of English at Stockholm University. The course will be tailored towards the requirements of our field, and will treat both the structure and format of research papers as well as how to interact with referees in the review process.

History and Philosophy of Science

consists of a series of four lectures by professor Richard Dawid from the Department of Philosophy at Stockholm University.  He holds a PhD in theoretical physics from the University of Vienna and switched to philosophy in 2000. He worked as a philosopher of science at the University of Vienna and the MCMP Munich before coming to Stockholm in 2016. The course is sectioned in two blocks: ”Basic introduction to the philosophy of science with a focus on how it plays out in physics” and ”Issues in the philosophy of physics (Looking into philosophical issues that arise in the context of specific physical theories)”.

Stress management and project planning

This section is still in the planning phase, but we hope to be able to engage external experts that have organised similar workshops for OKC that were very much appreciated. Currently we plan for a short workshop covering this section.

More information on the course can be seen at the course fact page or at the Mondo site.

The first section of the course to appear was ”Ethics in research” which took place in the spring this year.  Invitations to ”Introduction to the department and PhD studies in physics” which will take place on October 22 have been already sent out,  ”Academic Writing” for which the two one-day workshops are planned for October 9 and 23 and for ”History and Philosophy of Science” for which the lectures will be given on November 13, 16, 20 and 23. We expect that the final section ”Stress management and project planning” will be scheduled during spring 2019.

Those who wish to take part in the course-sections are requested to register at the Students Office. Observe that you have to make a separate registration for each course section. We think that several sections of this course can be very interesting also for students that started earlier than 1 January 2018, so ”old” students are welcome to register as well. For some sections the number of participants is limited, in which case students for whom the course is mandatory will be given priority.