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Course in Machine Learning

Course in Machine Learning for Physicists and Astronomers

What is machine learning? How can we use it for physics or astronomy research? When to use what technique? Can machines fail to learn? The course introduces modern techniques of machine learning to an audience of physicists and astronomers, 7.5 credits (FK7068), which will be given at Fysikum during the second half of the fall of 2019.

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Student Office

Gorica Nikolic

Gorica Nikolic
Head of Student Office

Room: in corridor B4.

Opening hours:
Presently the student office is only occasionally staffed. Gorica can be contacted through email or phone. Teachers and students can make an appointment with her if needed.
Phone: 08 5537 8650

Academic Advisor

Sara Malva Lindborg

The academic advisor service is now available via video. It is open between 12:00 and 13:30 every Wednesday until further notice. When you join the meeting you end up in a waiting room. You are then admitted to a personal video meeting with the academic advisor one person at a time.
Click on the link:

Room in corridor B4 next to the student office.

Phone hours (during term):
Monday 10.00-10.30, Wednesday 11.30-12.00

Phone: 08 5537 8652