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Lunchtime news and views

"Tematräffar" with News and Views

Every second week all students at Fysikum are invited to "tematräffar" (usually on Tuesdays at 15.15). Interesting seminars about physics, talks given by former physics students or important information about study evironment, degree projects etc are combined with "News and views", where highlighted physics research projects at the cutting edge of research are discussed.

Course in Machine Learning

Course in Machine Learning for Physicists and Astronomers

What is machine learning? How can we use it for physics or astronomy research? When to use what technique? Can machines fail to learn? The course introduces modern techniques of machine learning to an audience of physicists and astronomers, 7.5 credits (FK7068), which will be given at Fysikum during the second half of the fall of 2019.


Student Office

Gorica Nikolic

Gorica Nikolic
Head of Student Office

Room: in corridor B4.

Opening hours:
usually Mon-Fri 10.00-11.30, 13.00-15.00
Tel: 08 5537 8650
Fax: 08 5537 8464

Academic Advisors

Monica Olofsson

Monica Olofsson

Room in corridor B4 next to the student office.
Phone hours (during term):
Monday 10.00-10.30, Wednesday 11.30-12.00
Office hours (during term):
Monday 10.30-12.00, Wednesday 12.00-13.30
We try to answer the phone also during office hours, but visitors have priority.
Tel: 08 5537 8652