If you are interested in a bachelor or masters project with the IceCube Neutrino Observatory, please contact Klas Hultqvist and Chad Finley to discuss possibilities. 
Projects in the past have covered a range of topics including: neutrino signals from supernovae, high-energy neutrinos from sources in the galaxy, simulations of the IceCube detector to improve the angular resolution, and searches for neutrinos from dark matter annihilation.
We also offer bachelor and master thesis projects with the ATLAS experiment at CERN’s
Large Hadron Collider.
Relevant projects can be found in the following areas:
  • search for new particles that could help solve the dark matter question and/or the hierarch problem betwee the Higgs mass and the Planck scale.
  • precision measurements of rare standard model processes
  • development and calibration of algorithms for infering the presence of b-quarks
  • development and calibration of algorithms for measuring the luminosity
  • calibration of the ATLAS calorimeter
  • development of new algorithms and criteria to record ATLAS data
Please do not hesitate to contact
Christophe Clement (clement@fysik.su.se)
David Milstead (milstead@fysik.su.se)
Jörgen Sjölin (sjolin@fysik.su.se)
Sara Strandberg (strandberg@fysik.su.se)
Sten Hellman (sten@fysik.su.se)