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Hosted Research Projects

In this page we list large research projects funded by the Swedish Research Council (VR), Knut and Alice Walleneberg Foundation (KAW), or other large grants whos P.I. is employed by the Department of Physics

Detecting Axion Dark Matter in the Sky and in the Lab

The aim of the project is develop bold new ideas and technologies from material science to revolutionise the search for the dark matter axion, and to use astronomical observations to search for complementary signals.

Solving the HIggs Fine-Tuning Problem with Top Partners

In the Standard Model, the mass of the Higgs boson is greatly destabilised by quantum corrections, and free parameters of the model need to be extremely fine-tuned in order to arrive at the measured Higgs mass.

Research Divisions

Condensed Matter and Quantum Optics
Elementary Particle Physics
Instrumentaton Physics