Last year, the prize was increased and now it amounts to SEK 5.1 million each, distributed over three years, and a personal prize of SEK 250,000. The Göran Gustafsson Prize is awarded annually to researchers who are not more than 45 years old, working in the fields of mathematics, physics, chemistry, molecular biology and medicine. Swedish universities and colleges nominate candidates, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences examines the proposals and the award winners are then appointed by the Göran Gustafsson Foundation for Natural Science and Medical Research.


Hiranya Peiris - Foto: Niklas Björling
Hiranya Peiris - Foto: Niklas Björling


This year's award in physics goes to Hiranya Peiris, a professor of physics at Stockholm University, who has, among other things, been interested in the very first moment of the life of the universe. With the help of images from a new telescope in Chile, she hopes now that it will be possible to gain a greater understanding of the fundamental physics that guide the development of the universe - from the beginning to the present.

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The Göran Gustafsson Prize

The Göran Gustafsson Prize has been awarded since 1991 and behind the prize is the Göran Gustafsson Foundation for Natural Sciences and Medical Research. The foundation was created in 1989 following a donation from the entrepreneur and businessman Göran Gustafsson (1919–2003). Göran Gustafsson came from a small village outside Gällivare and made a fortune mainly through real estate deals. He was in many ways a precursor who cared about nature, worried about environmental degradation and wanted to give back to society.