At moment the Fysikum machine service supports Ubuntu versions 16.04 to 18.04 and Scientific Linux version 6 (SLC6).

If you want to have a Fysikum machine and do the installation your self please talk to the sysadmins before installing a new machine!

We recommend to install the operating system from the network to be sure you get a Linux version that works with our setup.

Install from network

To install from network your machine needs to be connected to the Fysikum network by wire and configured to boot from the network using PXE. This is done either via functions keys on system bootup or in the bios settings, see the instructions for your machine. All modern network cards know about PXE. PXE is the component that allows a PC to boot remotely from an image stored on a server. PXE does not "know" about the operating system it loads, so it allows to install practically any system (Linux, Windows or any other) remotely, without using floppies or DVD's.


For guides on how to install Ubuntu, Scientific Linux and for how setup a Fysikum machine click the appropriate link in the left menu.