********************** Important ****************************

Personal webpages, tilde-pages, at Fysikum will be phased out so we urge all employees to start using the profile pages instead.


If you want a personal webpage, please first look at using the Polopoly-based solution that central IT provides:

If this is not adequate to suit your needs, please send a mail to moa@fysik.su.se or ronni.barouta@fysik.su.se, who will then set up a web area for you.

Where is it?

The document root of your personal web pages will be in the Linux file tree, with the path:


where <user> is your SU username. To add or modify files there, do the following:

  1. Use SSH or SFTP to connect to ssh.fysik.su.se. Once connected, you should be able to access the above path directly.

What is the URL?

Any file that you put in the above directory will be visible on the web under the address:


Are there any limitations?


In general, the usual rules about offensive and copyrighted material applies. You will be held personally responsible for anything in your area, so it is up to you to keep it clean and safe.

We cannot provide any help or instructions for writing or maintaining HTML code, nor do we provide templates. If you need to install special software to maintain your web site, you will have to do that on your own computer under your own account, and you will have to do all the configuration and maintenance yourself.

We do not allow for uploads from the Internet to any web server at Fysikum, for security reasons. The only one who can write to your area is you, using the file path given above.

We will not allow your area to grow too large. It is NOT allowed to use it as a file share for collaboration data.

In case of abuse, we will shut it down immediately and report to the central IT security authority.

The service is open only to people employed at Fysikum. As soon as your employment ends, your Fysikum web page will be closed. It is your responsibility to move the contents to another host well in advance, if you want to keep it. We will NOT provide any automatic URL redirection.