A number of already procured software products are available for use at Stockholm University. The university itself has procured some software products, available through the IT department. The Swedish universities also run a common organisation for procurement and distribution of software, hosted by Uppsala University.

Information about available software can be given by Ronni Barouta, who is in charge of software licensing at the Department of Physics.
The IT department of the university has listed the most common programs at
https://www.su.se/medarbetare/it/programvarulicenser/programvaror-arbetsdator. The information there is in Swedish. (The IT department has however announced that the information about available software will be improved).

It is also possible to get information about all software products available through Uppsala University.

The procured agreement between Uppsala University and the supplier also allows for purchase of software that is not already included on the list. The correct way of purchasing software that is not already in the procured range is to ask Uppsala University to get an offer through their supplier.  Any subsequent order should then go the same way. This procedure fulfils the rules of procurement, and the only allowed alternative is that you go through the formal procurement procedure yourself.

All orders for computer software at the Department of Physics, both for products available locally at Stockholm University and for products distributed through Uppsala University, should go through Ronni Barouta.