Journal Access

To allow access to journals which Stockholm University has access to.

Library Proxy

Proxy via ssh (Linux, Mac)

Works for Linux and Mac. Start a ssh connection to like:

  kinit -f username@SU.SE
  ssh -D 1337 -f -C -q -N

The "1337" is a port number and the one chosen does not matter, but remember the port for later.


In your browser's settings go to "Network Settings" at the bottom. Set your proxy configuration to manual and then set as SOCKS v5 proxy hostname *localhost* and then the port that was set above.

SSH access

Fysikum runs an ssh-login server to access Fysikums networks. After logging in to the server you can continue to log into any other ssh-servers within the fysikum network.

To log in, first obtain a kerberos ticket, and then log into the ssh gateway:

 kinit -f yourusername@SU.SE

 ssh -A

Wireguard VPN

Fysikum started setting up an own VPN infrastructure based on Wireguard. The service is still experimental and intended for those who need remote access to lab infrastructure, file servers and internal license servers.

Installation instructions for most platforms are available on the Wireguard website.

After installation you need to generate a private-public key pair. Please send the public key to and a request of what you want to access, then you will receive a configuration file.