The setup consists of a remote accessible Windows computer in the projector room equpped with a Logitech PTZ Pro 2 remote pan-zoom-tilt camera. The audio signal of the auditoriums sound system is captured. The Video signal from the projector can be captured as well, alternatively, slides can be shared directly from the presenters computer using the Zooms share screen function.


  • Booked FR4 (reception)
  • Microphone or headset (reception)
  • Notebook with internet connection

Step-by-step guide

  1. Start a Zoom meeting on your local computer. Avoid using your personal Meeting ID, always create a new meeting. Allow recordings if you want to record the session.
  2. Using remote destkop connection, connect to "". Use the username is "zoom". For the current password, contact Alexandros Kastanas. Make sure the remote audio forwarding is disabled: Under Local Resources, Remote audio, Settings, Remote audio playback select "Play on remote computer".
    Set up the remote desktop connection to "" with username "zoom".
    Under Local Resources, Remote audio, Settings, Remote audio playback select "Play on remote computer".
  3. On the remote computer, start Zoom.
    Start Zoom, select "Join a Meeting".
  4. You don't need to sign in, only select "Join a Meeting", and enter your meeting ID.
    Join meeting.
  5. The video feed going to the projector is also connected to the computer, as a second camera. You can use this to share slides as well as video. To use this start a share and then under advanced settings select "Content from 2nd camera".
    Sharing slides from Osca Klein auditorium
    How to share slides from Oscar Klein auditorium Zoom computer.
  6. On you local computer request remote control of the camera by a right mouse click on the video.
    Request camera control from the local computer
  7. On the remote computer approve the request.
    Approve the request for the remote camera control on the remote computer.
  8. Now the camera can be controlled from the local computer.

    Remote control of the camera
  9. Keep the Remote Desktop Connection open in the background. If it is closed the zoom client on the remote computer will leave the meeting.