(Decision by the Board 2015-02-12)


The field of responsibility of the Committee for Postgraduate Education covers the education at the Department for Licentiate and Doctoral degrees. The committee shall in its work take into account the needs of the research, undergraduate education and other activities at the Department.

to  ensure that individual study plans are established and updated and that each doctoral student has a mentor

to  ensure that the progress of the postgraduate students is monitored annually

to  give the Board proposals for study plans in postgraduate education

to  deal with issues related to courses in education at the postgraduate level

to  submit proposals for funding applications regarding the education at the postgraduate level

to  prepare the question of the distribution of doctoral student positions and appointments of doctoral student positions in accordance with the applicable regulations and guidelines laid down by the Board


The Fysikum Board appoints the chairman and the committee members after nomination.

1 Head of Subject (convening)
1 Director of Graduate Studies

3 regular representatives of the PhD students (appointed by the PhD Council) and alternates
7 regular representatives of the research divisions (one for each division) and alternates

12 members

When dealing with issues related to undergraduate education, all Directors of Studies active at the Department are entitled to participate in the deliberations.