(Decision of the board 2016-10-06)


to  raise, prepare and work on issues related to the physical and psychosocial working environment

to  prepare a revision of Fysikum's working environment plan and the establishment of an action plan for the working environment

to  monitor and evaluate the fulfilling of the plans

to  ensure that the systematic work on the working environment issues according to the working environment plan is maintained

to  consult with the Committee for Equal Terms on issues of equality and equal treatment


(Decision of the board 2019-02-21)

1  Head of the Administrative Division
1  Deputy H
ead of Department, chairman
1  Head of the technical division
1  representative of the undergraduate students
safety representative (or equivalent) for the PhD students
1  safety representative
1  representative of the teachers
1  representative of the technical and administrative staff

1  Fysikum's environmental representative
1  laboratory safety representative

10 members