Here is what you can do in order to get help:

  1. Send and email to Gunilla Häggström the communication manager at the Department of Physics, with a short description of why your work is important, with enphasis on why this could be interesting for a layperson. 
  2. If your research is something you believe people would like to read about in the newspaper, then you probably want to make a press release. In this case, please contact the press office at Stockholm university (via Do it in good time before publication. They are used to dealing with embargoes, but it is good they have the time needed for preparing the material
  3. Collect good images that can be used in the press release or in an article on the website. You need to make sure you own the copyright of the images, or that we are allowed to used them in case they are shared with a Creative Common licence, given the name of the author/photographer
  4. Prepare a text to be used for writing the press release or the article for the website. In this text you should describe your work for a general public, something you would like to be understood by people reading the science section of the newspaper in the morning. Make sure to use simple terms and avoid jergon. Here you can find guidelines on How to write a press release (391 Kb)