Environmental considerations should always be noticed when you book business travel. If you have the opportunity to choose train instead of flight, that is the suggested alternative.

Stockholm University has a travel policy (Swedish only). It is not allowed to use Uber or Airbnb for business travel.


All flights must be booked through the travel agency Egencia with which SU has signed a local purchase agreement order.

An updated travel profile is required to book through Egencia. If you have any questions about your travel profile – contact your HR-administrator.

Information about booking and link to the online booking system can be found on Medarbetarwebben.


Stockholm University and SJ AB have an agreement on rail journeys. Train tickets can be booked through Egencia or SJ. More information can be found in manual för tågbokning (Swedish only). Contact your administrator to get the department's account number.

Each single travel may be considered regarding to the environment, cost and the opportunity to work on the trip. If the price difference between first class and second class is justifiable, there is an opportunity to buy ticket in first class if the project owner and research financier’s terms allow.

Taxi in Stockholm

SU has a taxi travel agreement within the Stockholm area. All business travels by taxi should therefore be booked through one of the suppliers: Taxi Kurir or Sverigetaxi.

Both suppliers are part of Cabonline. To book a taxi, use Cabonline’s app, website or call 08-744 95 60.

To register a Cabonline account:

  • Download the app Taxi Cabonline or go to https://boka.cabonline.com/en
  • Enter your university email address (@fysik.su.se) and request a password
  • Register your mobile phone number
  • Payment is made by travel account (resekonto)

To book a taxi by phone, use the phone number registered in your profile.

Payment by travel account only applies to pre-booked travel. If you have not pre-booked your taxi, you will have to pay directly after completed journey.

For more information, please contact the administrative division.

Business trip with own car

Travel arrangements shall be made via the travel agency with which Stockholm University has signed an agreement. In exceptional cases, a business trip with own car can be accepted. In those cases, the Head of Department shall approve this before departure.

The project owner is responsible for sending the application to the Head of Department. Use the form Tjänsteresa med egen bil (178 Kb) .

During a business trip with own car, a mileage compensation will be granted to the employee. The trip must be documented by keeping a driving record. Use the template on page 3 in the form or make sure to document the following:

  • Meter reading on departure and return home
  • Specify the different stages during the journey

The decision and the driving record must be attached to the expense claim when returning home.

Employee with a private traveling partner on a mission trip

If you wish to travel with third parties in connection with a business trip, you may book their ticket separately on your own.

Fysikum does not book and reimburse for private traveling attendees at the employee's mission.

It is possible for employees to book a ticket for private traveling through Egencia, which then might charge a service fee.

If you are staying at a hotel in conjunction with a third party in connection with a business trip, you should deduct 25 % per third party person of the hotel cost on your travel bill.