Environmental considerations should always be noticed when you book business travels. If you have the opportunity to choose train instead of flight, that’s the suggested alternative.

Information about SU:s travel policy can be found here (Swedish only).


All flights must be booked through the travel agency BCD Travel with which SU has signed a local purchase agreement order.

A travel profile is required to book through BCD Travel. If you don’t have a travel profile – contact your HR administrator.

SU:s information about booking can be found here.
If you have a registered travel profile, you can use the self-reservation system.


Tickets for travels by train can be booked through BCD or SJ. This means it’s allowed to buy train tickets through SJ and claim for reimbursement afterwards.

Each single travel may be considered regarding to the environment, cost and the opportunity to work on the trip. If the price difference between 1 class and 2 class is justifiable, there is an opportunity to buy ticket in 1 class if the project owner and research financier’s terms allow.

Employee with a private traveling partner on a mission trip

You who wish to travel with third parties in connection with a business trip may book their ticket separately on your own.

Fysikum does not book and reimburse for private traveling attendees at the employee's mission.

It is possibility for employees to also book a ticket for private traveling through BCD Travel, which then charges a service fee of 450 SEK. This type of booking must be done by telephone and the companion traveller's ticket plus service charge must be paid directly by credit card.

If you are staying at a hotel in conjunction with a third party in connection with a travel trip, you will deduct 25% per person of the hotel cost on your travel bill.