A travel claim must be completed immediately after returning. Requests for reimbursement that are more than three months old will not necessarily be taken into account, in line with university regulations. We ask you to scan in all the documents for the travel invoice and attach digitally in Primula. Also attach approval from the project owner, preferably approval by e-mail.
Original receipts are to be given to your contact at the Administrative division for archiving purposes. Digital documentation need not be printed.

Travel invoices including documentation and approval received before the 5th of the month are paid on salary the same month

Each travel claim is a separate case, and must be understood without referring to previous claims.

A complete travel claim contains:

  • The printout from Primula (not needed if the case is entirely digital)
  • Full costing information (see below)
  • Approval by the project owner (see below), preferably by e-mail
  • The travel itinerary from Egencia or similar documentation, e.g. boarding passes and/or tickets, that confirm that the trip was made and when it was made
  • Support for expenses, e.g., original receipts/electronic receipts, or e.g., bank statements, that confirm that the claimed expense was made by the claimant.
  • The purpose should either be specified in the textbox in Primula or through attached documents (e.g. conference program or similar).

Each receipt/supporting document should be taped (not stapled) on a separate sheet of A4 paper.
Each receipt should be numbered according to that shown in the printout from Primula
If a receipt is hard to understand, an explanatory text should be written alongside.

  • An example of completed travel claim (390 Kb) (note that, in this example, the preliminary payment of kr 7482.13 is the sum of items 1 -7 minus the estimated tax, 50% in this case, on the taxable benefit in item 8)


Instructions on how to fill in a travel claim in Primula

There is a manual on the university's website (https://hrinfo.pa.su.se/minsida.pdf) with detailed instructions. The online-form also has help-icons ”?” which provide additional information.
A few additional clarifications, such as regarding costing, are given below:

If you have the project number, the costing tool can be used to obtain the full costing information, which includes information as to who needs to sign the travel claim. Project numbers can be obtained from the project owner/supervisor.

Costing tool

You must give full costing information. Fill in the lines:

  • Dep:t (department number, i.e., 402 for Fysikum/Department of Physics)
  • Unit (your division’s number)
  • Project (the project number which will be charged)
  • Cost carrier

The row for "Activity" can be left blank if a project number is given.

Per diem
The per diem is supposed to cover the increased living expenses incurred during a business trip, such as meals, local travel, and additional minor expenses. Local travel must be paid from the per diem, unless clearly motivated otherwise.
The basic rule is that the full per diem will be paid. The size of the per diem is regulated by the Swedish Tax Agency. The per diem is determined based on the travel times that you entered into the travel claim (which must match the times in your travel plan). The per diem is reduced if you have not paid for all your meals. Furthermore, if you have not requested compensation for costs related to accommodation, a nightly per diem can be added - click the "Private overnight stay" box to fill in the details.

Meal deduction
If you have paid for all meals yourself, click the box "all meals paid by the traveller". If not, you have to specify which meals have been paid by someone else; click on "Meals".
Guideline for meals (278 Kb)

Interuption in travel
If you did not work on certain days during the trip, e.g. holiday, sick leave or other reasons, these must be indicated on the form. Note that holidays and other leave must be requested in the usual way.

  • For breaks which last the entire day, e.g., holiday, then these times must be entered as 06:00 to 23:59
  • Breaks cannot be made on the days of departure and return
  • Costs incurred during these breaks will not replaced



  • Each receipt should be reported separately as a separate cost item ("new line") in Primula
  • Tipping within Sweden is not compensated
  • Only Swedish VAT should be reported (please note that for ERC projects, specific accounting principles apply)
  • The exchange rate for each cost item/receipt must be shown with e.g. exchange-rate receipt or bank statement
  • If the hotel receipt contain items for meals (e.g. breakfast) then these should be deleted, and their cost subtracted from the total amount claimed (SU does not directly compensate for meals, as these costs come from the per diem)

The message box
In some cases, clarifications may be required, such as: if hotel costs refer to more people than the traveller; whether the expenses are related to any kind of contract/agreement; costs for temporary mobile subscriptions, etc. Use the message box in the travel claim form to motivate and clarify these issues, and attach all relevant documents to your travel claim.