The rules and procedures which apply to business travel and credit/debit cards are available on SU’s homepage, under the staff/personnel/travel link "Resor".

A few points that are relevant to consider in connection with travelling are given below.

Preparation before the trip

During the trip

  • Keep all original receipts
  • Keep any information related to exchange rates (e.g. currency exchange receipts)

After the trip

  • Complete a travel account via Primula after your return (no later than three months after the end of the trip). You will find instructions to help you here.
  • During the Corona pandemic, when several employees work from a distance, we ask you kindly to scan all supporting documents to your travel bill/ expense claim and attach them digitally in Primula.

    Please be so kind also to attach the approval from the project owner and we shall start processing your travel bill/ expense claim. During current circumstances, we also accept a digital approval from the project owner.  The original travel bill/ expense claim including original supporting documentation is also required for archiving purposes. Therefore, make sure to give them to your contact at the Administrative division as soon as possible. We will accept a short delay during the pandemic.

    Travel bill/ expense claim, including supporting documentation and approval, received by the Administrative division prior the 5th of the month for reimbursement, will be included in that month’s salary payout.

  • Purpose for travels, representation and expenses

    Have you noticed that the administration ask you to specify purpose?

    As employees we need to assign purpose for business travel, purchase, representation. The reason is to improve the internal control and ensure that the legal framework is followed. By clearly declaring the purpose it is also easier to prove that we follow the rules when we get audited by an external accountant.


    Purpose should either be specified in the textbox in Primula or through attached documents (e.g. conference program or similar).


    Purpose and list of participants (name and organization) should be specified in Primula.
    Stockholm University regulations for representation is found here (in Swedish).