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IF YOU GET SICK                      




If you get sick

  • You register yourself in Primula when you become ill, My Page - Sickleave.
  • Also notify your division responsible/supervisor.
  • A recovery report should be made in Primula on the first day at work after returning from sick leave.
  • If you are still sick after seven days, you need to submit a doctor´s certificate to your contact in the administrative section. The form "Försäkran i samband med sjukdomsfall" should be completed and signed if you are sick longer period than a week, instead of registering in Primula. Leave it to your contact at the administrative section.

All documents relating to illness, including doctor’s certificates, are treated with the strictest confidence in accordance with the Official Secrecy Act.

The first day of absence due to illness is a “karensdag” (a day of qualifying before benefit may be claimed); accordingly, you lose your entire salary for that day. The deduction from your salary for the following days depends on the number of days you are sick. The first 14 days you are sick, your employer pays you sick pay instead of your regular salary, this is 80 % of your regular salary.

After that, you can apply for sickness benefit from Försäkringskassan. They will be notified by the HR section about your absence due to sickness. All doctor’s certificates relating to a single sickness absence should be submitted to your contact at the administrative department and the original doctor’s certificates should be sent to Försäkringskassan. If you begin working part time or in any other way change the scope of your sickness absence, you must notify both your contact at the administrative section and Försäkringskassan of this.

Your employer has the responsibility to investigate the possibility of adapting the work and your work environment to make it easier for you to come back and work.

If an accident occurs
An employee who suffers a work-related injury or incident must personally notify the reporting system SAMIR. Do not use the logon box.

A work injury is:

  • damage due to an accident or other harmful influence at work,
  • accident on the way to or from work, occupational disease, eg stress-related disorders, musculoskeletal disorders, etc., or infection (for example, foreign stays in service).
  • An incident refers to an unwanted event that could lead to illness or accidents.
  • Read more about this here .

Medical visits and emergency dental visits
If necessary, the employee has the right to salary without deductions during a medical visit, when donating blood and for emergency dental visits. Read more here what kind of visits are included in the benefit.

You are entitled to receive reimbursement for medication that, in accordance with the law, is subject to a patient’s cost ceiling within a one-year limit for medical care and medicine under the health service. Read more here.

Occupational healthcare provider - Feelgood
Feelgood’s city clinic is located at Grev Turegatan 34 (Metro station: Stadion or Östermalmstorg) telephone: 08-676 82 00, Monday–Friday 08:00–17:00.
As an employee at the University you can contact Feelgood for counselling and telephone advice on work-related illnesses. The agreement does not include general medical care, but since it is often difficult to determine whether or not an illness is work-related, you should always call and consult a nurse. You can always get an appointment with a doctor for evaluation.

All employees, graduate students and postdocs, regardless of how their position is financed, are entitled to health care. Individual employees have the right to contact Feelgood and make appointments for doctor consultations, visits with therapists, or physical therapy without the approval by the head of department. These visits are limited to three per year. After the first three visits, you should contact the head of department who can approve three further visits. Read more about this here.