As employed (or on a stipend) Primula should be used for claiming reimbursements. Use the form “Expenses and car allowance” where you register expenses and car allowances not connected to a travel that generates a per diem. Please continue to “Business Travel” to understand how a claim is organized (the same way as claims during travel are reported). Be sure to do the correct costing and to get the signature of the project holder. The purpose of the expense should be specified, either as an attachment or in the textbox in Primula.

As for travel claims, a claim should be completed as soon as possible. Requests for reimbursement which are more than three months old will not necessarily be taken into account, in line with university regulations. The claim should be completed and submitted electronically in Primula, and a paper copy submitted to the HR department by the 5th (if not told otherwise) of the month for it to be paid out in that month’s salary.

For non-employed, a dedicated form is used, found here. Original receipts tape to A4 sheets should be attached and handed in to the HR department at Fysikum. The purpose should be specified on the expense claim form, or as an attachment.