The law means that Stockholm University as an authority needs to admit invoices from suppliers as e-invoice instead of invoices by paper. Neither PDF is an acceptable format.

You can find more information in this link to the Agency for Digital Government.

Briefly there are three ways the supplier can use when they send e-invoice: Peppol, Swefaktura and invoice. Of those we prefer that the supplier uses Peppol. There is a form that the supplier fills in and sends to the economic department of SU so we can prepare to admit e-invoice.

What do I need to think of as a staff member? 

  1. Use one of the links below when the supplier asks for our invoice address:
    1. Information in Swedish:
    2. Information in English:
  2. If the supplier has any questions, ask them to contact
  3. If you get an invoice by paper it should temporarily be handed to the administrative department as before. Then the administrative department handles the contact with the supplier.