The new pages will have a new, cleaner and more modern design and with clear SU affiliation. The structure and content will be developed with particular focus on the user experience and accessibility.
In the first phase SU works with the Education part of the website. The first stage of the work on new template took place in November and concerns the redesign and functionality of the central course and program pages from SISU (Sök kurser och program). The pages were also moved and have become a part of and
The text published in these pages is taken directly from SISU, and we at Fysikum realised that some work is needed to make the text more relevant for such pages. We will hopefully be able to work it out well before the application time in the Spring. 
There will be many releases during the coming weeks and months until the remake is completed for the whole set of webpages under Education/Utbidning. The pages will eventually also include redactional content, such as relevant articles, interviews, films and pictures that the different departmenet should be able to contribute with.
The first phase of webb2021 is likely to be completed by the autumn 2019. 
As the work proceed centrally it will become clear how this will affect our webpages at the Department of Physics, and we will do our best to comply with the new design and make sure the content on the website is relevant and up to date. 
To keep informed about the work of the Webb2021 project please check the information pages: