There are several persons who work with computer related services:


Equipment & capabilities


Data communication and control systems for experiments

The Technical Division is working with several types of systems to control and communicate with experimental systems. There is a good knowledge and longtime experience working with both hardware and software for different types of control and data acquisition systems. John Alexander has the main responsibility for these types of questions but several others within the division have good knowledge in, for example, LabVIEW programming.

  • General consulting in data communication
  • (Remote) control of and communication with experimental systems
  • Control systems
  • Design and installation of Profibus and fieldbus systems
  • Fibre optic communication
  • Basic C++ programming
  • LabVIEW programming
  • PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) programming
  • RS-232 communication

Computer support, software and licensing

  • Computer support
    Alexander Agapow, and to some degree Mats Engström, help with support for PC hardware and Windows systems.
  • Distribution of licensed software to employees
    The person now in charge of software licensing at the department is Ronni Barouta, who is not a member of the Technical Division. He distributes software with licenses available through Stockholm University to employees at the department. A range of software is procured and available, but he also helps with getting software that is not already included in the lists. Read more here.

High-performance computing/cluster support

IT, networking and web

  • IT
    Many of the common IT services at the Department of Physics, like the computer network, e-mail, telephone system etc., are managed by the IT division of the university. Many more services are available to groups or individuals on demand, see information (in Swedish) at
    Holger Motzkau and Mats Engström can help with information and advice concerning IT services.
    • Mobile phones
      The department uses mobile phones for the internal and external telephone system. Employees with an employment period of at least two years are offered an extension. Employees with an employment for an indefinite period are also offered a mobile phone for up to 2000 SEK (2018). Those wanting a more expensive phone have the possibility of buying one, but the entire cost is then to be paid by a research project. In such cases, no contribution is given by the department.
      Employees with an employment for an indefinite period wanting a mobile phone for up to 2000 SEK should contact Mats Engström.
  • Networking
    The network is managed by the IT division of the university. Locally responsible and point of contact at the department are Torbjörn Moa and the IT service group. John Alexander and Mats Engström help with questions and advice on networking and Windows Server domains.
  • Web
    The department board has decided that the department should use Polopoly, the common web publishing platform for Stockholm University. The main site of the department,, has migrated in March 2018 and the subdomains are in the process of transition. Mats Engström is one of the main web editors of and helps with web solutions for divisions, groups and projects.