The division’s abilities range from maintenance, troubleshooting and leak detection of existing systems to design, construction and assembly of new ultra-high vacuum (UHV) systems. Together with the mechanical workshop, which has good knowledge in machining and welding of material for vacuum applications, we can also build complete vacuum chambers. For assembly and testing we have some basic equipment like pump stations and a modern leak detector. The division also has a relatively large stock of vacuum components, mainly used ones, that are available for Fysikum experiments.

In addition the division offers support in related areas like gas handling for different types of experimental applications. We can provide support with everything from choosing the right connector or valve for your application to design and construction of complete gas handling system for gas injection.

There are several persons in the division who work within the vacuum field:

Capabilities and equipment


The goal of the division is to cover most vacuum related issues which means that we can offer services which cover everything from maintenance of existing equipment to construction of new systems.

The division provides a large variety of services including, but not limited, to:

  • General consulting in vacuum technology
  • Knowledge in vacuum compatible materials
  • Design and construction of vacuum systems
  • Vacuum safety and control systems for larger vacuum systems
  • Leak testing of vacuum systems
  • Baking of vacuum systems
  • Service of some pump types
  • Purchase of vacuum equipment
  • Contact with suppliers of vacuum equipment
  • General consulting in gas handling
  • Gas connectors, valves etc.


In addition to conventional hand tools the division possesses equipment needed to achieve UHV in leak tight vacuum systems:


A stock with a large number of standard vacuum components.


Some of the projects the Technical Division presently works on or has been involved in: