It can be used for different types of software projects, but also in a broader sense - small dataprocessing scripts, LaTeX projects, data libraries, or MC simulations. It is excellent for collaborative work, e.g. when co-researchers or students contribute to sofware you can review changes before accepting them. Moreover the system keeps track of every change ever made.

Many physicists use already GitHub, however GitLab should be used for storing and develop software that need privacy or data protection, for instance if it, for whatever reason, cannot be shared with 3rd party.

"Git is today setting the standard for software development. I really recommend you to learn using it. It may have a steep learning curve, but once you learned it, you will never want to work without it anymore, even for tiny projects." says Niels Bassler.

If you miss certain features, or want to discuss how continuous integration could be implemented for your project, please contact the system group at the Department of Physics.


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