The Department of Physics is currently working to building a new computer cluster. This will provide basic shared resources, like job scheduling, storage and software maintenance as well as a few computing nodes for general usage to all Fysikum researchers.
To this cluster and job scheduling system, additional project-funded nodes can be added and managed. The configuration will allow users to run jobs on any unused node while providing priority on the users' project funded nodes. The modular, inhomogeneous design will allow for a continuous development of the cluster by addition of new nodes and removal of outdated nodes.


Currently, a test cluster based on existing hardware (six 12-core Opteron nodes with 64GB memory and DDR infiniband interconnect and 10 8-core Xenon nodes with 24GB memory) is set up to test software configurations, file systems, and benchmarks. As a first extension, Jens Jasche (from the CoPS division) will add an ~100 TB storage node, faster Infiniband and several computing nodes. In a second step later in autumn, Hiranya Peiris (also from the CoPS division) will extends the storage to about 300 TB and add several additional nodes to reach approximately 1 million CPU hours per month.
A crucial design choice for the cluster is the name for the cluster and its components. The current working name is "Sunrise" having a connection to Albano, the hardware previosly used for solar physics research as well as the test cluster being a starting point for more. However, the group is looking for a better name, that satisfies the following requirements:
* Pool of names that can be used for different subsystems and node classes.
* The name/topic should not yet have been used by another cluster.  For
example, KTH names their systems after Swedish writers (Beskow, Tegnér, Klemming), Umeå University uses Kebnekeise and Abisko, Linköping University clouds like Cirrus, Stratus, Nebula as well es Triolith,
Teralith etc.

We hereby invite everyone to send suggestions for the cluster name system. A jury formed by Holger Motzkau,  Jens Jasche, Jan Conrad and Mikica Kocic will select the winner, based on creativity, usability and scalability.
Please send your suggestions about the cluster name before November 5th, to Suggestions can be made by individuals or groups. The winner will receive a special prize!

A mailing list for HPC users

The mailing list [] was set up to exchange communications around the cluster. Please contact or if you want to join the mailing list, and if you want to be part of the conversation around the cluster.