Alex Kastanas and Mikica Kocic - Photo Holger Motzkau


In the beginning of September, the technical division welcomed Mikica Kocic as a system developer. Previously employed as a PhD-student in the CoPS division, Mikica has a background in computer science and electrical engineering. He collected experience from the operations of the Belgrade university computer center during the 1990s and later hardware design of digital telephone switchboards. Mikica will support high-performance computing activities at Fysikum.

Alexandros Kastanas joined Mikica as a system developer in the technical division in the end of September. After undergraduate studies in Iceland and Bergen, he did a PhD at Cern and Postdocs at KTH and Fysikum. Throughout his career, Alex was working with software and system development for research applications. Alex will replace Mats Engström retiring in October and mainly focus on Fysikums basic computing services. Among other things, he will focus on building up a backup system.

Since the beginning of September, Holger Motzkau is deputy head of the system group, working together with Torbjörn Moa who will retire in the spring 2020. After his PhD studies in condensed matter, Holger worked with electronics design and became senior research engineer in the technical division in 2016. Holger will take over the role of head of the system group starting from new year.

Starting from 1 January 2020 the new computing support group led by Holger Motzkau will be joined also by Ronni Barouta, and together with Mikica Kocic, Alexandros Kastanas and Alexander Agapov will move under the organization of the Technical division.