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Kontakt/Contact: Mohamed Bourennane
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Over the last few decades, a multi-wavelength explosion of astrophysical measurements has established a highly-successful model of the universe called Lambda-CDM (ΛCDM). In fact, James Peebles received the 2019 Nobel prize in physics for playing a major role in the formulation of this model. Despite the success that this model has had, there are numerous unresolved questions, some of which are pressing hard against its foundations. In this talk, I will review some of the key questions in cosmology that we are tackling with current and upcoming telescopes and experiments. In particular, I will focus on studies of the cosmic microwave background that endeavor to shed light on some of the earliest moments in the history of the universe.

Jón Gudmundsson
Jón Gudmundsson is a Researcher at the Department of Physics