Eddy Ardonne Fysikum

A little about me

In 2012, I joined the Theory of Quantum Matter group in the department of physics of Stockholm University. My field of research is condensed matter theory, and I am interested in low dimensional and strongly interacting systems, in particular toplogical phases of matter. In certain toplogical phases, particles with 'fractionalized quantum numbers' are possible. My research concentrates on the properties of these particles, how one can experimentally detect them, and utilize their properties. Systems in which one can study phase transitions from `conventional' phases to topological phases are crucial to understand the stability of topological phases. Finally, I am interested in the mathematical aspects of the study of the above mentioned phases.



I am supervising three graduate students, Babak Majidzadeh Garjani, Christian Spånslätt and Iman Mahyaeh, as well as master student Lisa Olsson.


During the fall of 2016, I taught the course Principles of quantum physics, FK2003.
During the spring of 2017, I will teach the course Quantum field theory for condensed matter.

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