Cool results from DESIREE

An important aspect of the experiments performed in DESIREE now and in the future is to cool stored beams of molecular ions to only one or a few quantum states to enable the interpretation of experimental results and comparisons with theory. Results of a DESIREE experiment to demonstrate the cooling of the rotational degree of freedom of stored OH– ions to the low temperature of the surroundings have been published in Physical Review Letters this week

X-ray experiments reveal two different types of liquid water

Liquid water can exist in two different forms – at least at very low temperatures. This is the conclusion drawn from X-Ray measurements carried out by an international team of researchers headed by Stockholm University.

Emely Lindblom - årets mottagare av Sigrid Arrhenius pris

Områdesnämnden för naturvetenskap har beslutat tilldela Emely Lindblom 2017 års stipendium ur Sigrid Arrhenius stipendiefond


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