Science meetup på Fysikum

Under sportlovet anordnade Fysikum, Vetenskapens hus och Kungliga vetenskapsakademien en så kallad " Science meetup" som riktar sig till gymnasieelever och främst till nyanlända ungdomar. Idén bakom projektet är att hjälpa de nyanlända ungdomarna in i det svenska samhället genom interaktion med svenska ungdomar.

Can a repulsive electron-electron interaction lead to electron pairing?

Superconductivity is caused by pairing of electrons (formation of Cooper pairs). Usually the required electron-electron interaction is mediated by phonons –vibrations of positive ions in the crystal lattice. In this case Nature finds a smart way of avoiding direct Coulomb repulsion of equally charged electrons in the pair.

X-ray experiments reveal the origin of water’s anomalous properties

Liquid water fluctuates between two different states when it is cooled and these fluctuations reach a maximum at -44 oC. An international team of researchers headed by the Stockholm University reported the first experimental evidence of the existence of the Widom line which is supposed to emanate from the liquid-liquid critical point.

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