2018 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics tilldelas WMAP-teamet

Den 3 december tillkännagavs vilka som tilldelas 2018 Breakthrough Prizes. Totalt 22 miljoner US dollar delas ut och en av priskategorierna är Fundamental Physics.

First Quantum Gate carried out with a Gigantic Atomic Ion

The ion trapping group at Stockholm University led by Markus Hennrich has implemented the first quantum gate on a trapped Rydberg ion. The result has been published in Physical Review Letters and has been highlighted as an editors’ suggestion.

Filling the gap of laser sources at the sub-millimeter wavelengths

There is a range of wavelength in the electromagnetic spectrum that is hard to exploit, although it would certainly bring enormous advantages in many fields of application if we were able to build a suitable source. That is known as the THz Gap (The Terahertz Gap), and researchers at Stockholm University seem to have finally found a way around it.

Mikrovågorna som avslöjar universums begynnelse