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I am a professor in the Theory of Quantum Matter research group which is part of the Condensed Matter and Quantum Optics section at Fysikum, Stockholm University.

I graduated from the University of Gothenburgh in 1979, but did my Ph.D. work at the Rutherford laboratory in the UK. Before moving to Stockholm in 1988, I was a fellow at Nordita in Copenhagen, a postdoc at MIT, a fellow at CERN and an assistant professor at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. Full CV.


The main focus of my research is on strongly correlated electron systems, and in particlar topological states of matter, the most prominent examples being the fractional Quantum Hall liquids. Here you can find a short popular description in Swedish of this area of physics. And here is part a grant application, that gives a more detailed technical description of my research. Recent publications.

Earlier in my career, I worked on theoretical elementary particle physics, and in particular Quantum ChromoDynamics, or QCD, which is the theory of quarks and gluons, that is also at the basis of the strong nuclear force. Early publications, mainly QCD.


At the moment I am teaching two master level classes in quantum field theory. The course Quantum Field Theory, covers basic QFT and is aimed at all master students, while the course Advanced Non-relativistic Quantum Field Theory is aimed primarily at students interested in condensed matter theory or more generally in quantum many body theory.

I am also responsible for the department's Masters program in Theoretical Physics.

I am at present supervising two graduate students, Mikael Kardell Fremling and Thomas Kvorning.



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Thors Hans Hansson
Department of Physics
Stockholm University
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