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Research at the Oskar Klein Centre

The OKC is a rich scientific environment that comprises more than a hundred researchers working in both theory and experiment in the fields of astronomy, astrophysics and particle physics at both Stockholm University and the Royal Institute for Technology (KTH). The Centre hosts a vibrant research programme on dark matter, dark energy, transient and multimessenger astrophysics, structure formation, and related particle physics questions, including LHC-based studies. Theoretical activities at the Centre include particle and astroparticle phenomenology, neutrino theory, gravitation and string theory.

Working groups

In order to increase collaboration among scientists belonging to different areas, we organise the work in Working Groups defined by scientific interests. Scientists can decide independently to contribute to one or more working groups according to their field of research or simply because they want to learn more about a specific subject.

A Vibrant scientific environment

"As well as an attractive place to live, it’s a vibrant scientific environment with the NORDITA, the Oscar Klein Centre and a number of centres of really excellent activity. And I think it’s growing and it’s a great opportunity now to build new activities as well as participating in the ones that are already here."

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