Baltic Eye research

The researchers at Baltic Eye will collect, synthesize and provide information about the Baltic Sea to decision makers. The goal is to enhance the ability to manage the oceans environmental problems.

Within this framework we focus on the following issues:

Nutrient recycling in agriculture – for a cleaner Baltic Sea

Baltic Eye Policy Briefs

Scientifically based information to policy makers

Policy Briefs are summaries of scientific knowledge, usually connected to a current managemental development or political proceeding, that aim to enhance engagement in important Baltic Sea issues. Our Policy Briefs are distributed to their relevant audience and presented by our experts at events.

Explains the marine science ...

... and puts new research in its right context presents background information to current Baltic Sea science. New research is put in a social context. Interesting comments and analysis are connected to current policy issues. The goal is to give stakeholders, media and policy makers extended scientifically based knowledge about the Baltic Sea.