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Offshore research in the Baltic Sea Proper

Research expeditions to the open Baltic Sea require the use of large and well-equipped vessels. Thanks to the Baltic Sea Centre's contract with the Swedish Maritime Administration, all Swedish researchers can access and perform research on the open sea at heavily subsidized rates. Please note that the offshore research vessel will only be allocated when no other available ships are sufficient for the assignment.

Submit an application before November 15, in order to use the vessel for your research project in the following year.

Prices and application

From 2014 the offshore vessel Fyrbyggaren costs 1 000 SEK/h, but never more than 10 000 SEK/day. The use of research containers is included in the price.

The environmental monitoring programmes use the vessel in accordance with separate contracts between the Baltic Sea Centre and the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management, or the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, respectively.

M/F Fyrbyggaren

The name M/F Fyrbyggaren literally means "the lighthouse builder" and is originally the Swedish Maritime Administration’s vessel, used to build and service lighthouses along the Swedish coast. The ship – 42m long by 10m wide – is excellent for open-water marine research. It has very good maneuverability and is equipped with our laboratory and research containers before a mission. Facilities onboard include piped seawater and compressed air that can be connected to your equipment.

  • A live feed from Fyrbyggaren's current position, whether at dock or on a mission at sea, can be found here!

Expedition leader

Every research expedition using the offshore vessel must have an expedition leader, who is responsible for making sure expedition members follow security directives on-board. This supervisor is also responsible for the correct use of all equipment according to the directives from the Baltic Sea Centre or the staff on board.

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Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre

Phone: +46-8-16 37 18

Vessel managing group

  • Carl Rolff (Baltic Sea Centre)
  • Ola Svensson (Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences)

Coordinating manager

  • Carl Rolff
    +46-8-16 11 09

Practical organizer

  • Ola Svensson
    +46-8-16 40 13